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USA: Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter - Gut Happy Vanilla 192g

Product image 1Uplift Food Daily Uplifter USA Prebiotic Mood Probiotic Supplement
Product image 2Uplift Food Daily Uplifter USA Prebiotic Supplement Mood Powder
Product image 3USA: Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter - Gut Happy Vanilla 192g
Product image 4Uplift Food Daily Uplifter Vanilla Gut Health Prebiotic and Green banana flour resistant starch natural protein powder
Product image 5USA: Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter - Gut Happy Vanilla 192g
Product image 6USA: Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter - Gut Happy Vanilla 192g

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Enough of popping pills with a few different strains of's time to simply give your body EXACTLY what it needs in a versatile vanilla flavored prebiotic fiber powder in order to feed the trillions of probiotics that you already have inside you!

The Daily Uplifter is JAM PACKED with Natural PRE-biotic fibers and prebiotic resistant starches, the fuel for the PRO-biotics!

uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement smoothie bowl probiotics vegan

Did you know that when you eat PRE-biotics, you actually help your body release mood HAPPY serotonin!'s actually can support your own mood through the GUT HEALTHY PRE-biotics that you cool is that!?


So what is the Daily Uplifter?

This delicious versatile vanilla flavored prebiotic fiber, resistant starch + mood specific probiotic gut health powder can be added into your favorite healthy snack, beverage and breakfast recipes, to support your gut health and mood!

Uplift Food Daily Uplifter USA Ingredients Prebiotic Mood Supplement

  • Versatile vanilla flavored powder
  • Pure organic and non-GMO natural plant based ingredients
  • Whole-food derived vitamins and minerals
  • Gut nourishing prebiotic fibers, resistant starches + mood specific probiotics

    Ingredients: organic pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein powder, organic jerusalem artichoke inulin powder, organic green banana flour, XOS prebiotic, sacha inchi seed wholefood protein, natural vanilla flavour, organic stevia extract powder, organic high vitamin D mushroom powder, probiotic blend (Lactobacillus Helveticus ROO52, Bifidobacterium Longum RO175)

    14 serves per pack

    Follow a special diet? No worries - we've got you covered!

    uplift food good mood food speciality diet prebiotic supplement mood

    • Pregnancy + Lactation 
    • FODMAP - The Daily Uplifter is suitable during the re-introduction phase. Feedback from our customers with sensitive stomachs is that they have felt amazing using the Daily Uplifter in small amounts, as a tool to help strengthen their gut health.

    *Unpaid recommendation from leading FODMAP dietitian - Chloe Mcleod:

    "I love recommending Uplift to my clients, even those with IBS. I’ve found Uplift to be tolerated well by many with IBS and FODMAP sensitivity (portion size dependent), and is such an easy way to help with getting their gut health back on track, once triggers have been determined. Getting enough prebiotic fibres is essential for good gut health, and this product ticks so many boxes from a nutritional, easy of use, and taste perspective."

    Please check out our FAQs should any of this relate to you.

    uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement resistant starch

    In as little as one serve of the Daily Uplifter, you are nourishing yourself with:

    1. 5g of satisfying plant-based protein
    2. 5g gut loving prebiotic soluble fiber and prebiotic resistant starch
    3. 4B CFU mood specific probiotics
    4. 38% of your daily anti-inflammatory Vitamin D requirements
    5. 10% of your daily relaxing Magnesium requirements 

    You can expect to immediately feel:

    • Reduced hunger and increased feelings of fullness
    • Improved digestion and reduced bloating
    • Energized!

    Uplift Food daily uplifter prebiotic gut health mood boosting smoothie supplement


    So how do we compare to others?

    uplift food prebiotic supplement comparison table


    You will not find in the Daily Uplifter any:

    • Artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols
    • Added sugars or blood sugar spiking ingredients
    • Synthetic vitamins or minerals
    • Cheap fillers, additives or preservatives
    • Common allergens such a gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts or fish

      uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic overnight oats recipe gut health probiotics

        Simply blend up to 1 tablespoon:

        • Into your morning smoothie or sprinkled over your oats
        • Through your protein or energy bliss balls and bars
        • Into your pancakes, waffles, muffins, cookies or healthy cakes
        • Through a glass of milk or almond milk

          Uplift Food Daily Uplifter Gut Healthy Breakfast Probiotic Fiber Resistant Starch Mood

          Recommend intake:

          Begin slowly

          Adults: Start with a 1/2 tablespoon per day and gradually increase over a few weeks up to 1 tablespoon - Do not go overboard & do increase fluid intake.

          Children: Children may consume the Daily Uplifter - simply start with 1/4 tsp and gradually build up to the full serve or as tolerated.

           uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic supplement resistant starch mood probiotics chocolate brownie

          Our customers tell us that since starting to take the Daily Uplifter they feel less bloated, less hungry, have improved digestion, and overall feel Uplifted! 

          uplift food daily uplifter customer review prebiotic supplement

          Now it's your turn to join them and feel amazing!


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          Its Time to Feel Uplifted!

          Join the Uplifters and gain access to exclusive gut health expert dietitian tips, delicious recipes, and product specials...Don't you want to finally feel like "you've totally got this"? 

          And if you are ready to take the first step to feeling incredible - Head over to our Signature Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter page and take control over your gut health today!

          Uplift Foods Daily Uplifter

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