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Meet our Star Uplifting Ingredients

Uplift Food prebiotic fiber supplement breakfast cookies snacks green banana flour

Organic Green Banana Flour

Prebiotic Resistant Starch

This super nutritious green banana fruit powder is gluten free, and packed with 38% gut healthy and probiotic nourishing, prebiotic resistant starch! 

uplift food prebiotic fiber supplement breakfast cookie snacks jerusalem artichoke

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke

Prebiotic Soluble Fiber

This gut nourishing prebiotic vegetable uniquely provides an abundance of probiotic fuelling prebiotic fibers to leave you feeling satisfied and energized! 

Uplift Food prebiotic fiber supplement breakfast cookie snacks sacha inchi seeds

Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds

Plant Protein + Serotonin + Omega 3s

This incredible tasty seed offers a complete plant based protein, naturally occurring serotonin, plus anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids!

Uplift Food prebiotic fiber supplement breakfast cookies snacks functional mushrooms

Organic High Vitamin D Mushrooms

The Sunshine Vitamin

This nutritional powerhouse vegetable offers anti-inflammatory Vitamin D to support immune and bone health, plus mood regulation!

uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic psychobiotic supplement powder mood probiotics resistant starch

Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter

Your DAILY UPLIFTER is a delicious creamy vanilla gut healthy prebiotic fiber and resistant starch powder needed to nourish the probiotics in your gut, and leave you feeling UPLIFTED!

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