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Kara Landau Prebiotic Expert Dietitian

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Kara Landau - APD/AN

Kara Landau Accredited Practicing Dietitian Accredited Nutritionist Kara Landau

  • Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University
  • Masters Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Australian Fitness Academy 

Kara Landau aka “The Prebiotic Dietitian” is a NYC based Australian prebiotic gut health expert dietitian, author, innovator and presenter;

Her scientific background, love of food, and passion for life culminated in 2012 when she originally travelled from Melbourne, Australia to New York City following a big heart break;

As a dietitian, Kara was clear that food had the power to impact your wellbeing, but she wasn't clear (just yet) how exactly it could be utilised to impact your mood.

For 4 months, Kara spent every day using her research skills to read and analyse copious scientific papers around diet and its effect on mental health.

It was at this time, back in 2012, that Kara uncovered the vital role gut health, and in particular, prebiotics, play in reducing inflammation in then body, and the follow on benefits of mood regulation.

Kara took on board first hand the learnings of what is now classified as the science of psychobiotics, and knew that she was onto something that she just had to share with the world.

Shortly after, Kara (previously titled 'Travelling Dietitian') published her first book on this topic “The Clean Separation”(2013), helping young adults feel empowered to use the power of nutrition to feel mentally their best, and bring their best selves to the table.

Kara Landau Founder Uplift Food Gut health expert dietitian prebiotic fibre

For the years following, Kara was regularly called on for gut health and prebiotic focused expert dietary recommendations around the connection with mental wellbeing, and is still till this day constantly sharing how psychobiotics can be a tool utilised by all to reduce stress, reduce inflammation in the body, and ultimately be the best version of yourself across major media outlets in Australia, the United States, and beyond. 

Kara's depth of knowledge, and sincere belief in the mood supportive benefits of prebiotic fibers, resistant starches, and gut healthy foods, has been acknowledged and respected internationally for years.

  • With a wealth of experience as a nutritionist trying to support other companies to create more natural and organic healthy new products
  • The understanding of the remarkable and true mood supportive benefits that can develop from the consumption of gut healthy prebiotic foods
  • Plus her world wide travel that did not see her finding a single brand that offered these valuable mood supportive nutrients in enjoyable and simple formats 

The clear vision for Uplift Food, the missing food range from anywhere in the world, was born.

Kara Landau prebiotic expert dietitian uplift food the best prebiotic fiber supplement

Uplift Food is the culmination of thousands of hours dedicated to research, together with years of dedication focused on how best to bring to life the world’s first functional food brand focused exclusively on the Mood Supportive Benefits of PRE-biotics.

Every product that Uplift Food brings to life originated from Karas kitchen, be it in Melbourne or Sydney Australia, to her small apartment 'kitchen' bench tops in NYC! 

The core basis behind the nutritional make up of the first product, the Daily Uplifter was amusingly designed following a night out with friends, when Kara whipped up her typical prebiotic fiber, resistant starch, antioxidant and probiotic packed breakfast mix, and was feeling as up-beat as ever, and all her friends were feeling worse for wear.

One friend asked what it was that Kara was doing differently to them all, and Kara explained that it was in the food she was eating, she was strategically getting rid of the negative inflammatory effects that otherwise could be presenting after a night out, and that could leave you feeling emotionally down.

In this moment Karas friend strongly put forward the request for her to make this nutritional mix into a product that she (and everyone) could easily reap the benefits of;

Fast forward 18 months, and the Daily Uplifter was launched!


Kara's sincere belief in offering others the accessibility of these much needed missing nutrients from their diets has led her on a mission to help you get more PREBIOTICS into your daily diet, whilst simultaneously helping you shift your thought process so that you can approach each challenge in life feeling as though "You've totally got this!"

Using food as your tool, it is time for us to together all feel Uplifted!


To learn from Kara on a daily basis, make sure you join her community of prebiotic loving friends over at @ThePrebioticDietitian

Kara Landau dietitian Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement



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