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Are your Gut Happy Cookies Kosher?

Yes the Gut Happy Cookies are Kosher OU certified 


Are your Gut Happy Cookies Gluten Free?

Our cookies are made with no gluten containing ingredients - at present they are manufactured on a line that also processes wheat/gluten and therefore are unable to attain a gluten free certification. All lines are thoroughly cleaned before any production, but we would still not recommend the products to those with Celiac disease as a result. In due course Uplift will move to a designated gluten free line to be able to provide certified gluten free products, but this would not be expected until at least 2021.


Do your Gut Happy Cookies contain stevia?

Gut Happy Cookies do not contain stevia, the slight sweetness experienced comes from a blend of coconut sugar and monk fruit extract, together with the range of other ingredients that are able to give off some sweetness. Each 3 pack of cookies contains 4g of sugar, and only 2g of added sugar.


You list lupin as an allergen, but I haven't seen that before, can you explain?

Lupin is a legume from the same family as the peanut, and as a result, a very very small percentage of the population who reacts to peanuts may react to lupin too. In the USA lupin is not classified as one of the top 8 allergens and is not required by law to be listed in the allergen declaration - we at Uplift Food took extra precaution to ensure the safety of our consumes so have highlighted it there just to be safe and help anyone with a peanut allergy be aware of this potential allergen. For most people, lupin does not cause an allergic response, and is a valuable ingredient offering a significant dose of whole food protein and soluble prebiotic fiber.


Your cookies are very high in fiber, would they be expected to upset my tummy like some of the other high fiber bars?

Uplift Food's Gut Happy Cookies offer a significant 47% of your daily requirements of fiber, however we have been careful to formulate the cookies to include a range of different fiber types, including prebiotic soluble fiber, insoluble fiber as well as prebiotic resistant starch. Due to the combination, and the naturally occurring soluble fibers coming from the lupin as opposed to one isolated soluble fiber (such as soluble corn fiber or chicory root) we find that our products do not cause stomach distress but rather aid with satiety and help with bowel motions. Almost half of the fiber inside the cookies is in the form of a resistant starch, coming from the specific type of tapioca fiber (IMO FREE) we include, and as a result, this is known to be very soft on the stomach, not cause upset, but rather a wealth of benefits around selectively feeding the good gut bacteria, together helping you feel fuller for longer. 


Your cookies only have 6 or 7g of net carbs - do you use sugar alcohols in your products like many other keto products, as these sometimes upset my stomach?

Our Gut Happy Cookies are completely free of sugar alcohols, no erythritol, sorbitol, manitol or other. Rest assure you will not get any of the side effects commonly experienced from sugar alcohols with our cookies.


The second ingredient in your cookies is tapioca fiber, is this an IMO? I heard tapioca fiber can cause my blood sugar levels to spike.

Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies are IMO Free and contain a different type of tapioca fiber that comes in the form of a resistant dextrin, also known as a resistant starch. This type of tapioca fiber has been shown not to spike blood sugar levels, but rather act as a prebiotic to feed the good gut bacteria, and help you feel very full. We are pleased to be able to offer you this satisfying form of fiber that has a number of positive attributes to it.



Daily Uplifter FAQs

Serve Size

How many spoons equals a 13g serve?

Due to the light weight of Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter, one 13g serve is actually the equivalent of 1 tablespoon.

We would recommend starting with a smoothie made up of:

1/2 tablespoon Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter 

1 cup (250mls) of milk or the milk alternative of your choice

1/2 - 1 cup of your preferred frozen fruit

*4 ice cubes, or extra fluid, to get it to your desired consistency 


You can then work your way up to the full serve as your body adjusts to a higher prebiotic fiber diet, and you become accustomed to the taste of a plant based protein powder.


You also can easily add a tablespoon into your current healthy pancake, bliss ball, frozen fruit based ice-creams or other healthy snack recipes as a way to begin testing out the inclusion of this new prebiotic powerhouse nutritional booster.



How should I store my Daily Uplifter?

We recommend storing your Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter in a cool dry place below 25 degrees Celsius until opened.

Once opened, always use a dry spoon to remove the contents of the pack, reseal the pack after use, and store it in the fridge to assist the survival of the live probiotics in the pack.

We recommend using up the product within 90 days of opening.


Does Uplift Food only use Organic and non-GMO ingredients?


All of the Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter ingredients are certified non GMO verified, with some also organic certified. 

You can check out on our package ingredients list the long list of certified organic ingredients used within our product.

Our organic ingredients are all sourced from suppliers who are certified with ACO, USDA and EU organic farming practice certifications. 


Special Diets

Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter suitable for diabetics?


Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter is a great option for diabetics, it is:

  •    Sugar free and low glycemic load.
  •    Made up of ingredients that do not spike blood sugar levels.
  •    Rich in soluble fiber and resistant starch, both of which have a positive effect on keeping blood sugar levels stable, and may also assist with helping the body be more responsive to insulin.

For personalised medical advice, we always recommend speaking directly with a specialist Registered Dietitian.


Is Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter suitable for those on a vegan diet?

Yes! All of the Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter ingredients are plant derived.


Is Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter suitable for those on a ketogenic diet?

Yes! There can definitely be a place within your ketogenic diet to enjoy Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter.

Each serve of the Daily Uplifter only provides 6g of total carbohydrate, of which 4g are dietary fiber, plus a gram of resistant starch (that acts like a fiber). The consumption of Uplift Foods – Daily Uplifter would not be expected to cause a spike in blood sugar levels compared to that found from other foods that offer the same level of carbohydrate in the form of either simple or complex carbohydrates.

In addition, due to many of the resistant starch and prebiotic fiber rich foods often being removed from the diet when following a ketogenic eating plan (i.e cooked and cooled grains and potatoes, or legumes and lentils) - Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter, can help bridge this nutritional gap.

For personalised advice on how Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter can fit within your carbohydrate controlled eating plan, we recommend speaking directly with a specialist Registered Dietitian.


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter fructose free?


Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter contains no fructose or fructose containing ingredients.


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter gluten free?


Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter contains no gluten or gluten containing ingredients.


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter sugar free?

Yes! Uplift Food's Daily Uplifter has no sugar.

Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter is not only refined sugar free, but also totally sugar free.

The sweet flavour of our products is a result of a combination of:

  •    The sweet tasting fiber found within organic Jerusalem artichoke
  •    The organic stevia powder
  •    The associations our brains make between flavours such as vanilla and sweetness


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter suitable for pregnant woman?


Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter is suitable for pregnant and lactating women - However we would always recommend speaking directly with a Registered Dietitian for personalized advice.


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter suitable for those on a paleo diet?


Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter is free from dairy, gluten, legumes and pulses.

Additionally, due to many of the resistant starch, prebiotic fiber, and probiotic rich foods often being removed from the diet when following a paleo eating plan (i.e cooked and cooled grains, legumes and lentils, and cultured dairy products) - Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter, can help bridge this nutritional gap, and ensure you get the mix of gut health nutrients you need.


Is Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter nut free?


Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter is nut free. The slightly nutty flavour comes from the sacha inchi seed powder which as the name suggests, is derived from a seed! 




Can I consume Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter uncooked?


To reap maximum benefits of your Daily Uplifter we would recommend consuming your serve within uncooked meals and snacks. By heating the product, you may reduce the amount of resistant starch present due to changes in the carbohydrate bonds within the food.


Does cooking Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter affect the nutritional composition?

Heating your Daily Uplifter, such as using it through baked muffins or cakes, or cooking pancakes or waffles, does have the potential to reduce the 1g of resistant starch present per serve.

We would expect the changes to be less when heating on a low heat for a short space of time, such as in the case of cooking a pancake, compared to baking a muffin for a longer duration at a higher temperature. 

The heating of the products will unfortunately kill the live probiotics, however you will still obtain at least 4g of prebiotic soluble fiber per serve thanks to the organic Jerusalem artichoke and XOS prebiotic that are present, plus 30% of the RDA of Vitamin D - So have no fear - it is definitely still going to have a positive effect on your body!


Do the individual plant based ingredients give off the same flavour as if I ate the vegetable?

For example, does the green banana flour taste like banana or the Jerusalem artichoke taste like the plant?

Funnily enough, no!

All the ingredients have a mild to neutral flavour with a slight sweetness to them thanks to the unique types of prebiotic fibers found within them.

The final product provides a mild and sweet creamy vanilla flavour that is easily worked into an abundance of delicious recipes, or even more simply spooned into whatever you are currently consuming for breakfast or a snack such as through your cereal, smoothie, yogurt, pancakes or alternative healthy dish.

If you are new to using plant based protein powders you may notice the slight earthiness to the Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein) product.

We suggest starting with a 1/2 tablespoon and blending it in with the milk of your choice and some frozen fruit. You can then build your serve up gradually until you either reach tablespoon (13g serve) or your tastebuds acceptable levels.

We want you to enjoy your Daily Uplifter - So if blending it in a smoothie or with a milk is not your preference, why not try baking it through some muffins, mixing it into a healthy pancake dish, or even rolling it into some delicious bliss balls with your favourite nut butter and liquid sweetener!


Can I replace regular flour with Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter in recipes?

You most certainly can, however it would not be at a one: one ratio. We would encourage you to start by blending through a recipe a couple of tablespoons, and slowly increasing until you achieve your desired final consistency and taste.

We suggest mixing it through with some heavier/denser flour alternatives such as almond meal, or combining it with vegetable alternatives such as in a pancake usually made up with just banana and egg for an added nutritional boost with ease.

We would not suggest replacing all the white flour in a recipe with any Daily Uplifter products as the steep increase in soluble fiber at such a large load may have the potential to cause some tummy distress in sensitive individuals.

Instead, we recommend substituting in your Daily Uplifter for a 1/8 of the suggested amount of flour in one of your favourite recipes, and taking it from there  to determine your preferred substitution amount.


Can I use Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter in place of other protein powders in recipes?

We would suggest adding in your Daily Uplifter alongside a protein powder, should your goal be to have a higher protein dish. 

You will find that because of the dryness of the plant based protein and the prebiotic fibers, that it holds together well compared to many whey based protein powders in recipes such as bliss balls and protein bars. 

As per the above section, we recommend playing around with the exact amount used as a replacement in a recipe until you reach an optimal consistency.

You can also easily add any of our Daily Uplifter products in a recipe by using a tablespoon as a huge nutritional boost into any smoothies, nice-creams, nut butters, or other raw desserts without negatively impacting the consistency, and actually adding a nice slightly sweet vanilla aroma.


Digestive Health


Why am I experiencing some extra gas or bloating since starting to include my Daily Uplifter?

Have no fear – this is actually a really good thing and will subside!

As you start to feed the good probiotics in your gut their new beneficial diet of prebiotic soluble fibers and resistant starch, there will be a little extra activity going on in your gut that can lead to an initial increase in bloating, gas, or wind.

This will pass as your probiotics get used to this new valuable energy source – and ultimately you can expect in the long run to have less bloating or stomach troubles than ever before as the good probiotics in your gut start to thrive, and your body gets stronger!

To help ease any of the initial discomfort:

  •    Make sure you stay hydrated
  •    Keep calm
  •    Keep active and moving, and
  •    Minimize your intake of other potentially gas producing foods or drinks

Keep going, your body will thank you, and you will see yourself transition into a new Uplifted state!


I have heard fructans are what cause gas and bloating, doesn’t Jerusalem artichoke contain fructans?

The beneficial prebiotic fibre, inulin, is naturally found within Jerusalem artichoke.

There is a small percentage of the population (estimated to be around 10% of people) that have a slight intolerance to these.

This intolerance is usually dictated on a personal level based on whether someone is comfortable with the level of additional gas or bloating that occurs from the consumption of the food.

Most people have been shown to be able to tolerate at least 5-10g per day without any issues.

Considering gut health benefits can be obtained from as little as a few grams of prebiotic inulin and XOS per day, and each serve of our Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter products provides the exact dose shown in a clinical study to have the most beneficial effect on gut bacteria (3g + 1g of XOS), we hope that most people will be able to reap the benefits without any of the potential side effects.

Consuming prebiotics is vital to ensure the probiotics in your gut are fueled. Without fuel they can die off, and you can end up with a lack of diversity in gut bacteria.

This diversity is a key factor to ensuring you have a strong gut and are able to obtain the associated health benefits.

We would recommend giving Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter a go and seeing how you feel, as the benefits from the prebiotic consumption are definitely there!


I am new to a high fiber diet – Should I be consuming a full serve from the get-go?

If you are new to a higher fiber diet we suggest starting with a ¼ serve of your Daily Uplifter, and increasing your serve size gradually as your body adapts.

Be sure to increase your water intake and keep active to assist your body as it gets used to the additional fiber in your diet.

For personalised advice, we recommend speaking directly with a specialist Registered Dietitian.


I have IBS and am following a low FODMAP diet – Can I eat Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter?

Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter products are a valuable source of gut strengthening prebiotic soluble fiber and resistant starch.

If you are in the initial stages of a FODMAP diet, working with a dietitian to try and determine which FODMAPs you are sensitive to, we would advise you to abstain for consuming Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter products.

Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter products are free from:

  • Di-saccharides (such as lactose found in milk)
  • Mono-saccharides (excess fructose such as that inside honey, apples and pears)
  • Polyols (found in berries, as well as sugar free foods made using sorbitol, malitol and other sugar alcohols)

Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter products are also free from:

  •    Gluten
  •    Fructose
  •    Dairy
  •    Nuts
  •    Soy
  •    Fish, and
  •    Eggs

Therefore, only if you have determined that you are sensitive to the oligo-saccharides (found in Uplift Food via the prebiotic inulin naturally within the organic Jerusalem artichoke) do you need to be mindful of your potential sensitivity to the product.

If you do feel you are experiencing an undesirable increase in digestive troubles from consuming the full suggested serve size, we recommend starting with a ¼ serve of your Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter product, and increasing your serve size gradually as your body adapts, or until you feel you have reached your preferable intake;

The benefits of consuming prebiotics are well established, and therefore doing your best to incorporate Uplift Food- Daily Uplifter, even if not as a full serve, will be beneficial to increasing the strength and diversity of your good probiotic gut bugs;

Ultimately helping ease your digestive troubles, and leaving you feeling Uplifted!

For personalised medical advice, we always recommend speaking directly with a Registered Dietitian.


I have tried reducing my serve size, but am still feeling bloated and have experienced an increase in gas - what can I do?

Besides reducing your serve size and giving your body time to adapt (it can take up to a few weeks for your body to adjust to a new higher prebiotic fibre eating pattern and the addition of probiotics), a few extra insider tips to help you minimise the likelihood of digestive troubles include:

  • Do not consume coffee, caffeinated, or carbonated beverages at the same time as your Daily Uplifter.
  • If you are sensitive to lactose, do not mix your Daily Uplifter with lactose containing ingredients.
  • Think about what else you are consuming throughout the day that is high in dietary fiber; You may have increased your fiber intake in a number of places, leading to a much higher intake than your body is used to by the end of the day. If this is the case, you may like to slightly reduce the serve of another high fiber ingredient to ensure that there is space within your body’s comfortable limit for the prebiotic benefits in your Daily Uplifter.
  • Have your Daily Uplifter first thing in the morning so that you have not potentially consumed any other foods or drinks that may exacerbate the symptoms.
  • You may be slightly sensitive to more than one type of FODMAP - For example, if you are sensitive to polyols, and you are currently blending your Daily Uplifter with berries, you may be exacerbating the issue. Therefore perhaps try blending your daily uplifter with a frozen banana instead and see if the symptoms diminish.
  • Try using your Daily Uplifter in a heated recipe such as healthy pancakes or muffins rather than as a raw ingredient such as in a smoothie or over your oats; This will reduce the available resistant starch, but will still provide the soluble fibre, ensuring you are able to reap some of the prebiotic benefits, but potentially in more manageable quantities.

For personalised advice, we always suggest speaking with a Registered Dietitian.


Speciality Vitamins and Minerals


Why does Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter contain organic high vitamin D mushrooms?

Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter - has incorporated 30% of the RDA of Vitamin D per serve from a natural source coming in the form of organic high vitamin D mushrooms. 

Healthy levels of Vitamin D have been shown to be connected to a positive mood. 

Considering the high levels of Vitamin D deficiency amongst populations around the globe, Uplift Food has incorporated this nutrient to compliment the mood supportive gut healthy nutrients within the product.



If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@upliftfood.com 

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