Here at Uplift Food our goal is to help you understand the benefits associated with prebiotics and their role in mood regulation, and to feel like "You've totally got this!".

Whilst the science may still be seen by some as in its infancy, there certainly is an abundance of studies that are continually being performed to support the valuable role good gut health has in both mood regulation, and overall health and wellness.

Our Digital Products provide an in-depth look at the science behind Food and Mood, as well as prebiotics and resistant starches.

For a quick view of just a handful of studies that support the information found within the different sections of the website, please click through the attached links below.


Daily Uplifter

Resistant Starch:

Recommended 20g of resistant starch per day from the CSIRO.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke and it's Soluble Prebiotic Inulin Fibre - Inclusion of 4 g of prebiotic soluble fiber + 1g resistant starch per serve of Uplift Food Daily Uplifter:

Jerusalem artichoke + XOS prebiotic powerful blend:

10g usually well tolerated by most people.

Only 10% of people are classified as "sensitive" - "sensitive" is classified as someone who would report feeling an undesirable amount of bloating or gas from the consumption of more than 10g of prebiotic inulin. 

5g bifidogenic effect  and 7.2g seen to reduce pathogenic bacteria.

 Previous consumption patterns of inulin were estimated to be up at 135g per day.


Lactobacillus Helveticus ROO52 and Bifidobacterium Longum RO175.

 Sacha inchi seeds:

Sacha inchi seeds provide tryptophan, the precursor for serotonin


Gut Happy Cookies

Uplift Food performed a small human clinical research study to confirm the gut health benefits associated with consumption of the equivalent to 1 serve (40g) per day for 1 week of the cookies key proprietary gut health ingredients. 

The results showed that there was a positive significant increase in the good gut lactobacillus bacteria compared to a control, confirming a prebiotic benefit from the cookies.

uplift food gut happy cookies high prebiotic fiber cookies breakfast biscuit functional food snack science probiotics
They also led to a significant increase in the beneficial short chain fatty acid, butyrate, known to offer many health benefits.
uplift food gut happy cookies prebiotic fiber functional food gut health benefits scientifically proven clinical study food
To check out the Gut Happy Cookies - Head over here now!
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