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Silver*: Good Mood Food Menu Bundle

Silver*: Good Mood Food Menu Bundle

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Silver*: Good Mood Food Menu Bundle


The Good Mood Food Menu Bundle provides you a complete package of all of the Uplift Food dietitian designed 7 day gut healthy Uplifting menus.


Within this package you will receive the following 5 x 7 day gut healthy menus:


  1. Original / Guten Free
  2. Gluten Free / Dairy Free
  3. Gluten Free / Vegetarian
  4. Gluten Free / Fuss Free
  5. Gluten Free / Kosher


Within the menus you will find 7 days worth of gut healthy:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner, and
  • Snack ideas

As well as:

  • Recommended serve sizes
  • Supporting recipes
  • Suitable substitution suggestions based on personal preferences

Check out the style inside!



Take a closer look and sneak peak inside:

Uplift Food Gut Health Menu

Uplift Food Prebiotic Protein Pancake Recipe

Points of note:

This menus have been designed to fit a gluten free diet purely to be inclusive of those Uplifters who are unable to consume gluten - If you are not coeliac or gluten intolerant, you may substitute menu items as per your desire. 

The portion sizes suggested have been developed based on a smaller less active woman. You may increase your serve sizes or select to sub in higher energy containing options as per your desire.

The original and the Kosher menu are quite similar with only a few slight modifications.

If you require personalised assistance with implementing the menus, we suggest seeking the assistance of a Registered Dietitian. 

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