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Uplift Food - Good Mood Food: The Leaders in Prebiotics

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Updated as of October 10th 2018

For Immediate Release

Expert Dietitian Created New PRE-biotic Gut:Brain Prebiotic Supplement Releases on October 10th in honor of Mental Health Awareness Day.
Uplift Food – Good Mood Food


Uplift Food, the world’s first expert dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy PRE-biotic fibers and resistant starches is officially launching the brand new US Daily Uplifter in honour of Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10th 2018;

Uplift Food is on a mission to help all Americans fill a vital gap in their diets lacking in PRE-biotics so that they can all feel Uplifted again!

Gut health and probiotics and are at the top of consumers’ minds when it comes to food choices, however the missing piece in the puzzle is the fuel for these living probiotics - PRE-biotics. When the PRO-biotics are not fed, they are not effective at looking after you.


Prebiotics for Gut Health

Fiber types can be roughly grouped into three families; insoluble, soluble and resistant starch. The latter two play a vital role as prebiotics, meaning they fuel the growth of the good bacteria in the gut; It is these that are estimated to be consumed by Western populations at less than 25% of the recommended intake. 

Uplift Food is bridging the gap for these missing nutrients in consumers diets, and making sure that prebiotic fibers and resistant starches are conveniently and enjoyably able to be included on a daily basis.

Unlike many of the health food products on the market that sprinkle a touch of a “superfood” into the product, but not offering adequate levels to offer any nutritional benefit, all of Uplift Foods products have been expert dietitian formulated, providing whole-food derived nutrients in significant levels that are supported by science to have a positive benefit on the body.


“Providing 4g of prebiotics coming from a unique blend of organic Jerusalem artichoke, organic green banana flour, plus speciality prebiotic XOS, together with 4B mood specific probiotics, 38% of the RDA of anti-inflammatory Vitamin D from organic high Vitamin D mushrooms, as well as 10% of the RDA of mood calming magnesium from pumpkin seeds, Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter has been formulated based on science to truly provide your body with nutrients in levels that support a positive mood via good gut health and anti-inflammatory effects” said Kara Landau, founder of Uplift Food and voluntary media representative nutrition advisor for the Global Prebiotic Association, USA.

In addition to supplying valuable key mood supportive nutrients, Uplift Food caters for an abundance of specialty diets, including ketogenic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, soy free, nut free and vegan.

Uplift Foods signature vanilla Daily Uplifter powdered booster proudly contains zero grams of sugars, is completely allergen free, contains no artificial ingredients, and provides less than 40 calories per serving.  


Gut Health and Mood

 “New research presents a strong argument for targeting gut bacteria to address brain-gut mental disorders; and having the right mix of prebiotics and probiotics in your diet may be one way to support your mental health” says Professor Tim Crowe, Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian, PhD.

The connection between gut health and mood is strengthening each day, yet the reality is that even those consumers that are eating ‘healthy’ diets filled with fruits and vegetables, will likely still be lacking in prebiotics.

 “Unless you are eating dandelion greens, chicory root, green bananas, legumes, or roasted and then cooled potatoes each day, it is unlikely that you are getting the recommended 5- 20g intake of prebiotics per day” says Landau.

 “With more and more Americans following specialty diets, including ketogenic, paleo, low carbohydrate, or FODMAP free, the reduction in prebiotic rich foods has never been more prominent. We need a combination of insoluble fiber, soluble prebiotic fiber, and resistant starch to aid digestion and improve our gut integrity.”

 “As great as it is to incorporate probiotic enhanced and fermented foods, there are only around 45 different probiotic strains that can be found in the food supply or in supplements these days. Diversity is a key factor when it comes to obtaining the benefits from probiotics, and our bodies can have up to around 1,000 different species naturally present that simply need to be fed prebiotics in order to stay alive and thrive!”


Uplift Foods first available product, Daily Uplifter - Gut Happy Vanilla is dietitian formulated, unlike anything else on the market. It offers a convenient and tasty way of quickly and enjoyably getting a significant dose of beneficial nutrients to help consumers across the globe feel uplifted!


Recognized as a game-changer for delivering innovative products that not only taste delicious, but that are also better for consumers, Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter is available online as of October 10th 2018 - .




About Founder and Dietitian Kara Landau

Kara Landau is a New York City based, Australian Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. A previous spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, and now the Media Representative Nutrition Advisor for the Global Prebiotic Association, USA – Kara is a trusted and respected voice in the world of gut health and prebiotics globally.

With a wealth of experience in healthy new product development, the author of the world wide release “The Clean Separation” (2012) focused on the connection between gut health and mood, and with her entrepreneurial nature, Kara set out on her own to bring to life an innovative brand, Uplift Food - the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefit of prebiotic fibers and resistant starches.

Kara’s wants you to feel as though “you’ve totally got this” and in on a mission to create products and resources to help you get there with ease.


About Uplift Food

Founded by the leading prebiotic gut health expert dietitian, Kara Landau, Uplift Food is the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy prebiotic fibers and resistant starches.

The company is leading the way in the prebiotic gut:brain revolution, creating innovative, healthy and great-tasting premium whole food derived products that make it easy for consumers to go ‘gut healthy” without compromise. The company also leads the next wave of gut health snack innovation and will be releasing the first product in this prebiotic resistant starch space in 2019.  

Launching originally in March in Australia, Uplift Food was invited within two weeks of launch into the leading global food accelerator in NYC - FoodX to fast track the USA and global launch. Starting with the signature "Daily Uplifter" prebiotic gut:brain powder, Uplift Food will release a range of retail powdered and snack products in the months to follow.


Notes to editors:

Kara Landau, Australian Registered Dietitian and Founder of Uplift Food is based in New York City, and available for interviews globally –  + 917 251 4838


Images available in high res by heading over to our press kit here.


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