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Not just another "better for you" snack brand with a whole lot of marketing claims!

Here at Uplift Food we strive to create for you truly GOOD FOR YOU products that you can feel good about consuming on a daily basis.

Here is a snapshot into just the surface of the science that supports our products:

All of Uplift Foods products contain prebiotics in levels supported by science to have a true prebiotic benefit.

What does that mean? They are not just sprinkled in low levels to make a marketing claim, but rather when consuming our products, you can trust that the good probiotics in your gut are growing significantly, and that the production of beneficial metabolites (also called Short Chain Fatty Acids) are being produced.

These compounds have a wealth of benefits in your body such as reducing inflammation, which has flow on effects to all the lifestyle physical and mental health conditions this effects, including levels of anxiety and depression.

Gut Happy Cookies

Powered by Uplift's Scientifically backed Gut Happy Prebiotic Blend

Prebiotics are the favorite fuel source for the tens of trillions of probiotics that are naturally inside your gut. If you want to reap the benefits of good gut health, it makes sense to give the probiotics in your body what they need!


Sweet white lupin, sourced from France, is a whole food source of protein coming from the legume family, more commonly know as the Lupini bean. Lupin is uniquely high in protein (40%) and dietary fiber (30%) and is bursting with gut healthy soluble prebiotic fibers to naturally feed the good bacteria in the gut. As the number one ingredient in the Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies, be rest assured you are attaining a significant level of gut healthy probiotics in every bite.

Tapioca Fiber

Tapioca fiber can be found in the Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies. The second most abundant ingredient in every cookie is a prebiotic resistant starch that does not cause blood sugar levels to spike, and specifically feeds the good bacteria in the gut. This together with the other soluble fibers and polyphenols enables varying probiotics naturally found in the gut to be targeted, which ensures diversity of the good probiotics to be fueled and thrive.


Tigernuts, sourced from Spain, area root based vegetable that offer a grain-free flour that is bursting with dietary fiber and prebiotic resistant starch. Offering a mildly sweet flavor and gluten free alternative, tiger nuts have been included in the Uplift Food Gut Happy cookies in order to support digestion and to fuel the good bacteria in the gut.


Golden whole kiwifruit fruit powder, sourced from New Zealand, provides a scientifically proven bend of unique flavonoids and fiber that exert a prebiotic effect in the gut. Uplift Food Gut Happy cookies incorporate kiwi fruit powder as a valuable way to ensure the diverse probiotics in the gut are nourished.


The Uplift Food gut Happy Cookies contain a spore forming probiotic that provides 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs), which are supported by science to support gut, digestive and immune health, These probiotics have been carefully selected due to their ability to successfully make their way through the digestive system and come to life to exert their benefits once inside the gut.

Clinically Supported Blend

We care so much about this, that we actually had a university run a clinical study to prove that our unique blend of gut happy nutrients truly lead to a gut healthy benefit in people - and guess what, they proved that they do! In each and every bite of your Gut Happy Cookies®, you can be sure that you are nourishing your gut, supporting good digestion, and ultimately helping yourself feel Uplifted!

The Science Behind Gut Happy Cookies

Uplift Food performed a small human clinical research study to confirm the gut health benefits associated wit consumption of the equivalent to 1 serve (40g) per day for 1 week of the cookies key proprietary gut health ingredients. 

The results showed that there was a positive significant increase in the good gut lactobacillus bacteria compared to a control, confirming a prebiotic benefit from the cookies.

They also led to a significant increase in the beneficial short chain fatty acid, butyrate, known to offer many health benefits.

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Daily Uplifter

Digestive + Mood Organic Plant-Based Prebiotic Fiber Powder - Gut Happy Vanilla Flavor

Organic Green Banana Flour
Green bananas are one of worlds naturally richest sources of gut healthy prebiotic resistant starch, a specific nutrient that is missing from our diets these days.

Our organic green banana resistant starch is 65% resistant starch, and is able to selectively fuel the good bacteria in your body so that your gut health can be at its peak, and your immune and digestive systems are supported.

With a suggested recommended daily goal of 20g of resistant starch, and with current intakes estimated to be down at 5g;

Your Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter provides you with an extra boost of your requirements, making it easier for you to hit the daily target of this otherwise hard to come by valuable nutrient.

In addition, as a whole food ingredient, green banana flour also offers an abundance of mood calming nutrients, such as Vitamin B6 and magnesium needed to naturally create serotonin in the body!

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke + Organic XOS Prebiotic

Organic Jerusalem artichoke offers one of the worlds densest sources of naturally occurring prebiotic inulin, a natural soluble prebiotic fiber known to boost good bifidobacterium.

Soluble dietary fiber not only fuels your gut bacteria, but it also helps regulate your blood sugar levels, improves blood cholesterol levels, and leaves you feeling fuller for longer which can aid in weight management!

With studies suggesting that typical adult male hunter-foragers used to consume up at around 135g of inulin per day – compared to consumption patterns now days thought to be down closer to 2-11g per day - it is clear that this highly beneficial nutrient is in need of a come back!

Your Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter combines the powerful benefits of soluble dietary fiber from organic Jerusalem artichoke, with an especially effective emerging organic prebiotic called XOS (xylo-oligosaccharide);

XOS prebiotic has been shown in clinical trials to boost the good bifidobacterium with intakes as low as 1g per day (as per the dose provided in each serve of your Daily Uplifter);

And, in accordance with a clinical study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which showed the greatest gut health benefits obtained from each of these prebiotics consumption was from when XOS and inulin were consumed in combination - Uplift Food has replicated the dose, to ensure each serve of your Daily Uplifter supports your good gut bugs in the best way possible.

Mood Specific Probiotics

At Uplift Food we pride ourselves in giving you PRE-biotic ingredients to ensure your gut obtains the nutrients it is truly craving. We have however hand selected two particular stains of probiotics to include in select doses based on a clinical study which proved their particular effectiveness in relation to supporting a positive mood.

You can find within our signature Daily Uplifter products: Lactobacillus Helveticus ROO52 and Bifidobacterium Longum RO175.

Organic Sacha Inchi Seed Protein Powder

Found in the rainforests of the Amazon in Peru, as well as colourful Laos, sacha inchi seeds are a sustainable crop grown by local communities which offer an abundance of nutritional benefits in an allergen free food.

Naturally found as a star-shaped seedpod with nutty tasting seeds; sacha inchi seeds are cold pressed and gently dehydrated to provide a nutrient packed raw ingredient.

Being 60% protein by weight, and providing all the essential amino acids, sacha inchi seeds are a complete protein source able to support your strength and muscle development goals!

In addition to their quality plant based protein, sacha inchi seeds offer a range of anti-inflammatory and mood regulatory nutrients, such as: Beneficial omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids Satisfying dietary fiber Anxiety fighting magnesium and potassium Enlivening phytonutrients As well as similarly to our organic green banana flour, the mood enhancing super nutrient, serotonin!

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder

Organic pumpkin seed protein powder offers a plant based protein with the full spectrum of amino acids, of which mood calming tryptophan is a characteristic stand out.

In addition, pumpkin seeds offer a dense source of anxiety relieving magnesium, hormone production supporting manganese, and wellness promoting antioxidants. With modern diets often lacking in vital magnesium, we have purposely included 10% of the RDA in each serve of your Daily Uplifter from this naturally occurring source to support your ultimate Uplifted state!

Organic High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is a vital nutrient needed to: Prevent inflammation in the body Keep your bones strong As well as assist with mood regulation

Rarely found in food sources, our certified organic high Vitamin D mushroom powder is a valuable plant-based source of Vitamin D which comes to life via exposing organic mushrooms to UVB rays in order to convert Pro Vitamin D into a bioavailable form of Vitamin D;

This version of Vitamin D is clinically proven to effectively be utilised by the body.With each serving of our Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter products providing 38% of the RDA of Vitamin D;You can rest assure that you are going to be able to hit your daily target!

The Science Behind Daily Uplifter

In as little as one serving of the Daily Uplifter, you are nourishing yourself with whole-food derived vitamins, minerals and gut healthy ingredients:

  • 5g of satisfying plant-based protein
  • 4B CFU mood specific probiotics
  • 5g gut loving prebiotic soluble fiber and prebiotic resistant starch
  • 38% of your daily anti-inflammatory Vitamin D requirements
  • 10% of your daily relaxing magnesium requirements

Additional Documentation:

Prebiotic Fiber: XOS: 1g inclusion = effective prebiotic benefit 

Mood Probiotics: Lactobacillus Helveticus ROO52 and Bifidobacterium Longum RO175

Sacha inchi seeds: Sacha inchi seeds provide tryptophan, the precursor for serotonin. 

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Prebiotic Bliss Bites™

Resistant Potato Starch
Resistant potato starch (also known as unmodified potato starch) is a natural prebiotic resistant starch that acts similar to fiber in your body, does not spike blood sugar levels like regular refined potato starch, and actually is known to feed the good gut bacteria. Included in levels supported by science to have a positive effect on your gut, you can rest assure the probiotics in your body will be very happy with every bite! 

Tapioca Fiber
Another abundant ingredient in every Prebiotic Bliss Bite™ is a tapioca fiber prebiotic resistant starch (IMO Free) that does not cause blood sugar levels to spike, keeps you very full, and specifically feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This together with the other fibers enables varying probiotics naturally found in the gut to be targeted, which ensures a diversity of the good probiotics to be fuelled and thrive.

Legume Protein Blend
Made up of a nourishing mix of plant-based legume proteins, including pea, fava, and mung bean - Together they provide the additional insoluble fiber that supports the transfer of the prebiotic fibers and resistant starches found in our Prebiotic Bliss Bites™ to move down your digestive pathway, ensuring maximum opportunity to reach the diverse probiotics in different parts of your gut.

Cashews are the richest nut source of prebiotic-resistant starch made up of 13% Resistant Starch! Offering in addition, both insoluble and soluble fibers, and being one of the first ingredients in our bites, you can rest assure your microbiome is being happily nourished with every mouthful!

Prebiotic Puffs™

Fava Bean
Fava Beans are high in protein and have several essential nutrients. Fava Beans contain both insoluble and soluble fiber.

Green Pea Fiber
This legume contains minerals, protein, and fiber. The fiber from these seeds can feed your biome.

Citrus Fiber
Citrus fruits are known for their bright acidic flavor. Their fiber is made of pectin that can feed your biome.Barley BranThis grain is known for making delicious bread and beverages. This fiber contains Beta Glucans.

Chicory Root Fiber
The roots of the herbaceous Chicory plant are the source of inulin. Inulin is a well known prebiotic fiber eaten for digestive wellness.

Red Lentils
Lentils are rich in iron and folate and have polyphenols.

The Science Behind Prebiotic Puffs™

Uplift Prebiotic Puffs™ have a purposely diverse 4-fiber blend.We purposely include fibers from 4 highly diverse origins: vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. Science is still learning a lot about our biomes, fiber, pre, and probiotics.

However, it is becoming clearer every day that a diversity of sources makes a difference. Every probiotic, every biome, every human is different. We believe that the perfect mix to feed your good bacteria, gut and personal wellbeing is unique so making UPLIFT PREPBIOTIC PUFFS™ from an extremely diverse mix of fibers is the best way to help you get the unique mix you need.

*The probiotic used in UPLIFT PREBIOTIC PUFFS™ is Bacillus coagulans a form of probiotic shown to support immunity in clinical trials (source).

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