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Forbes Features Gut Health and Its Connection with Mood!

Hi everyone,

Today we just had to share with you this recent Forbes article on Food as Medicine that looks as the importance of gut health!

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We love seeing gut health go mainstream - and we know that you here are obviously already onto it!

The article highlights the variety of elements good gut health plays a role in:

"Gut health is at the very core of our immunity, vitality and mental agility. Studies have shown that maintaining a “healthy gut,” or balanced intestinal microbiome, can help facilitate proper immune function, supports mental health, improve anxiety and keep chronic diseases at bay, just to name a few."

"In order to support a healthy microbiome, you can consume a vast array of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fiber" - YES, FIBER!

"..and reduce consumption of foods that cause inflammation, like fried foods, packaged foods and alcohol." -  As you all will now be learning, inflammation is what is associated with depression and anxiety - so it makes sense to try and limit foods that cause this, and increase the foods that protect against inflammation, such as gut healthy foods!

"I also believe that probiotics, microorganisms that you can get from fermented foods or from supplements, and prebiotics, a type of fiber that feeds probiotics, are crucial tools in supporting gut health." - We couldn't agree with this more!

"Different probiotic and prebiotic supplements contain different strains and amounts, so you would definitely want to speak with your health care provider about choosing the right one for you. The microbiome is actually an amazing example of how all of the systems in the human body are interconnected, reinforcing how important it is to approach your overall health from a holistic perspective.Serena Poon, Nutritionist and Founder & CEO Just Add Water.

To read more from this fantastic article, be sure to head over to

If you are ready to get your daily dose of prebiotics and gut healthy nutrients, you know our Daily Uplifter will of course give you your fix!

In good gut health,

Team Uplifters!


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