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Top 5 Prebiotic Fiber-Rich Fruits

Top 5 Prebiotic Fiber-Rich Fruits

Hey Uplifters!

Did you know prebiotic fiber is one of the most valuable nutrients to get into your daily diet? 

We know that being busy and staying healthy don't always work out, so today we’re sharing simple, All-Natural, wholesome, nourishing fruits, that are filled with whopping prebiotic fiber (and prebiotic resistant starch) to make your morning and afternoon snacks  ten times better.

What’s more, these prebiotic fiber-rich fruits will make your gut happy, just through food! How cool is that?

Top 5 Prebiotic Fiber-Rich Fruits


  1. (Green) Bananas

Although when ripe bananas do not offer a prebiotic benefit, if you consume them whilst they are unripe or at least less rip, green bananas are one of the world’s densest sources of  beneficial for the gut and contain resistant starch that help increase good bacteria, and can reduce bloating.Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebiotic supplement gut health psychobiotic prebiotic fiber

 (One Green Planet:


  1. Apples

Apples are a rich source of a valuable prebiotic soluble fiber called pectin. Found both within the skin and the pulp, apples offer a simple path to obtaining prebiotic benefits via their stimulation of probiotics  in your gut that are able to produce the beneficial short chain fatty acid, butyrate. Don’t worry whether you like them red or green, they can all provide the benefits!


uplift food gut healthy apple prebiotic fiber rich fruit


  1. Grapefruit                                                                             
Citrus grapefruit is another of the most refreshing and immune supporting prebiotic fruits to consume. The high fiber content of grapefruit makes it beneficial for digestive health, and it is also high in antioxidant vitamins A and C. Citrus peel is also surprisingly high in prebiotic pectin!

     Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebiotic supplement gut health psychobiotic prebiotic fiber

    (Eat This, Not That:


    1. Blueberries                                                                             
    Blueberries offer a powerful prebiotic blend of both soluble fibers together with polyphenols which have been shown to have prebiotic benefits. Also loaded with a blend of dietary fiber to support digestion, and antioxidants to help fight free radicals in your system, blueberries may help fight inflammation! Bring it on!

      Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebiotic supplement gut health psychobiotic prebiotic fiber


      Image By PlayTheTunes

      1. Kiwi fruit                                                                                   
      Kiwi fruits have been shown to have prebiotic qualities due to a blend of their prebiotic soluble fiber and polyphenolic compound content that can support the growth of the good gut bacteria and the production of beneficial short chain fatty acids. In addition, kiwi fruits also contain a blend of insoluble and soluble fiber, making them a beneficial digestive health fruit. 

         uplift food daily uplifter prebiotic fiber rich fruits kiwi fruit gut healthy                                  

        These are just some (gut) friendly suggestions for prebiotic fiber and prebiotic resistant starch filled fruits, but the options are never ending!

        Feel free to share what your favorite go-to gut happy fruits are!!

        In Good Gut Health,

        Team Uplifters

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