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Consumption of a High Fiber Diet Stimulates the Production of Health Promoting Short Chain Fatty Acids

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It's that time of year again and Holiday Season is upon us!  We know, it's fun, festive and full of yummy, but not-so-healthy treats. So we want to remind you to still eat your fruits and vegetables. All that fiber, well not only will it keep you feeling full longer ( so you indulge less), it is linked to a rise in the production of health promoting short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which decrease stress, anxiety, and long term health disorders.

In the article, High Dietary Fiber Intake Linked to Health Promoting Short Chain Fatty Acids,  the British Medical Journal states that short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate are

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For this study, researchers gathered a weeks worth of information on the dietary intake of omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

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What did they see...

In stool samples collected from those that ate a predominately plant based diet, Bacteroidetes, or "good bacteria"that produce favorable metabolites, including SCFA's, were more abundant.

In samples collected from those that ate a predominately animal protein based diet, Firmicutes, or "bad bacteria" which have a negative influence on glucose and fat metabolism and are associated with obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, were more abundant.

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In closing the article suggests there is tangible evidence that a healthy plant based diet, high in fiber, does have a positive impact on gut microbiota. You can read the entire article here.

So, this holiday season make sure to fill up on all those healthy vegetable side dishes. And remember, if you need a boost, our Daily Uplifter offers resistant starch type prebiotics, assists in feeding your gut bacteria, and promotes SCFA production.

Happy Holidays!

Team Uplifter

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