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Psychobiotics Influence Your Health and Can Change Your Mind Too!

Hey Uplifters!

This week another amazing article came out sharing even more research behind the connection between a healthy microbiome (the trillions of organisms that make up our gastrointestinal system) and good mental health! As you know this is totally up our ally (and we suspect it may be of interest to you too!).


The article Probiotics: Your Microbiome has the potential to improve your mental health, not just your gut health, published in Science Focus shared with us all about how psychobiotics, or supplements filled with brain-benefiting microbes, may be the wave of the future when it comes to mental health disorders!

We are just so excited to share some of the key points of the article with you!

Take a peak at some of the highlights we captured for you:

gut bacteria, mental health, probiotics, probiotics, anxiety

gut bacteria, anxiety, probiotics, probiotics

So how does all of this good gut bacteria act as food for your mood?

gut bacteria, probiotics, probiotics, good bacteria, digestive system

While the research on the use of psychobiotics to treat long term mental health continues, the article points out that it is now widely accepted that nutritional deficiencies do have a negative impact on our happiness and mental well-being. 

diet, mental health, prebiotics, dietician
plant based, mental health, probiotics, probiotics, mediterranean
If you want to read more into this, make sure you check out the article here;
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