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Fruits and Vegetables Are The Key to Good Gut And Brain Health

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Okay, we know it seems like just yesterday that you were sitting at the dinner table and you were being told to "eat your vegetables, they're good for you,"  right? Well it turns out, science is starting to prove that friendly bit of advice right!

In the article, Fruit and Vegetables Aren't Only Good for a Healthy Body- They Protect Your Mind Too, published on, researchers explore the link between nutrition, dietary patterns and mental health. Science proves that eating a diet comprised of those vegetables (yep, the ones mom pushed at the dinner table), along with fruits, legumes and nuts, is associated with preventing the onset of depression.

Check out an excerpt from the article below:

Certain Dietary Patterns Can Protect Our Minds

plants based gut health uplift food mental health gut healthomega 3 fatty acids daily uplifter plant based depression gut health

The study included 15,093 participants, all members of a cohort that has been used to identify the effect diet and lifestyle have on physical and mental conditions ranging from diabetes to depression. Participants were asked to fill out a questionnare at the start of the project and then after 10 years. 

The Findings.....Plant Based Foods = Good Mental Health!

Plant based mental health gut health depression uplift food prebiotics

Take it slow....It's Ok!

Sometimes growing up doesn't always mean a greater tendency or love towards vegetables. Well, we will keep trying to get you to embrace the eggplant, but for now, the research shows that even a "moderate adherence to healthy dietary patterns" can reduce the development of depression.

To learn more about how a plant-based diet can impact your mental health, read the full article here, and remember, an easy way to get more pure organic and non-GMO plant based ingredients into your daily routine, we suggest trying our Daily Uplifter today! Free shipping is still available, take advantage today!

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