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Uplift Food founder and gut-health expert dietitian, Kara Landau, offers some helpful eating tips to lose your gut in...

Uplift Food Featured in Eat This, Not That!

Uplift Food founder and gut-health expert dietitian, Kara Landau, gives her suggestions on incorporating more prebiot...

Uplift Food featured in Eat This, Not That!

In this article, Kara Landau, gut health expert dietitian and Founder at Uplift Food shares her top foods to help ach...

Uplift Food Featured in Eat This, Not That

In this article featured in Eat This, Not That, gut-health expert dietitian and founder at Uplift Food, Kara Landau, ...

Uplift Food Featured by LiveStrong

Kara Landau, Uplift Food Founder and prebiotic Dietician featured on Live Strong, discussing the correct way to consu...

Prebiotic Fiber Lemon & Coconut Protein Balls

@chloelouise_nutrition's recipe of Lemon & Coconut Protein Balls using Uplift Food's Daily Uplifter!

Prebiotic Fiber Banana Pancakes

Today we are sharing a delicious Banana Pancakes using Uplift Food's Daily Uplifter! Check it out now!

Top 5 Prebiotic Fiber Kid-friendly Foods

Looking for ways to incorporate more prebiotic fiber into your kid's diet? Check out our list of top 5 prebiotic fibe...

Prebiotics to help improve sleep!

New research cases to show how prebiotics can help improve sleep! Check it out now!

Top 5 on-the-go Prebiotic Fiber Snacks!

We are sharing out top 5 on-the-go Prebiotic Fiber Snacks using Uplift Food's Daily Uplifter and including our new Gu...

Uplift Food Featured by Todays Dietitian!

Kara Landau, Uplift Food Founder and prebiotic Dietitian featured as guest expert on Todays Dietitian, discussing her...

Top 5 Gut Healthy Cookies

Top 5 Gut Healthy Cookies including our Gut Happy cookies packed with prebiotics, probiotics, grain free, low calorie...
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