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Uplift Food founder and gut-health expert dietitian, Kara Landau, offers some helpful eating tips to lose your gut in...

Prebiotic-Fiber Steel Cut Oatmeal

This is the season for warm, cozy oatmeal bowls! Jayme Williams from @fit_n_clean_mama  posted another amazing oatmea...

Are Comfort Foods Really Good Mood Food?

Plant based diets, high in nuts, greens, grains and fresh fruits and vegetables can promote serotonin production, upl...

Psychobiotic Food Pyramid

Can processed foods cause depression? Can probiotic-rich foods help improve mental illness? Read this article to lear...

New Study Proves Probiotics Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

A recent review paper has summarised 21 studies which focused on intestinal microbiota and reducing anxiety symptoms ...

Clinically Proven Stress Reducing Probiotics Found in Your Daily Uplifter

Uplift Food Daily Uplifter incorporates mood specific probiotic strains backed by science, including lactobacillus He...

Uplift Food featured as the best probiotic product according to a registered dietitian in Greatest.com

Uplift Food's Daily Uplifter is featured as the best probiotic product according to leading registered dietitian Abbe...
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