Prebiotic-Fiber Chickpea Cookie Dough Cheesecake!

Hannah shares her recipe for gut-healthy chickpea cookie dough cheesecake using the Uplfit Food Daily Uplifter prebio...

Gut Happy Vegan Raspberry Prebiotic-Fiber Sundae Snack Bites!

Nutrition student Maria shares her recipe for gut healthy prebiotic vegan raspberry sundae snack bites using the Upli...

Prebiotic-Fiber Protein Pancakes!

Julia from @endlessmunchies shares her recipe for gut-happy pancakes using the Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebiotic s...

Prebiotic-Fiber Bakery Style Muffins!

Nicole from @lashesandlemons shares her gut-friendly bakery style muffins using the Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebio...

Vegan Prebiotic-Fiber Protein Brownies!

Sam from @sam.well_ shares her vegan, protein packed, prebiotic brownies using the Uplift Food Daily Uplifter.

Prebiotic-Fiber Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Bowl!

Mel from @wellbymel_ shares her tasty, gut healthy orange creamiscle smoothie bowl using the Uplift Food Daily Uplift...

Prebiotic-Fiber Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Paige from @paiges_plates shares her drool-worthy gut-friendly banana bread using the Uplift Food Daily Uplifter psyc...

Gut Healthy Prebiotic-Fiber Brownies!

Krista from @frozen_bananas_ shares her gut-happy prebiotic fiber rich brownies using the organic Uplift Food Daily U...

Mixed Berry Prebiotic-Fiber Smoothie Bowl!

Gut-happy and refreshing smoothie bowl that is perfect for summer by the fabulous instagrammer @anythingbutramen.

Prebiotic-Fiber Chocolate Chip Waffles!

Paige from @paiges_plates shares her gut-healthy waffle recipe using the Uplift Food Daily uplifter prebiotic psychob...

Prebiotic-Fiber Blueberry & Cherry-Vanilla Smoothie Bowl!

Yoga specialist Dana (@ducklet1) shares her gut-happy blueberry cherry vanilla smoothie bowl using the Uplift Food Da...

Raw Probiotic-Fiber Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

@nikki_booch shares her gut-healthy cookie dough recipe using the Uplift Food Daily Uplifter prebiotic psychobiotic s...
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